The Little Paris Bookshop Review!

The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel - Nina George, Simon Pare

Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of The Little Paris Bookshop By: Nina George in exchange for an honest review!

So let's be real here. I wanted to read The Little Paris Bookshop to see what this floating literary apothecary was all about. I wanted to see what exactly it meant when it says in the summary that Perdu prescribes books for people that he feels like they need. Basically I enjoy books about books!

I liked Perdu and Jordan a lot, however I found it difficult to have a real connection to them. While I did not find any characters to be relatable, I still enjoyed them and found them intriguing. Especially Perdu. I really enjoyed his journey to healing. I can't believe it took Perdu so long to read the letter in the first place though. I would have died out of curiosity in three minutes flat!

While I really liked The Little Paris Bookshop, it wasn't perfect. There are a few slow parts that I struggled to get through. I even thought about DNFing at one point in the middle because it was so slow. I'm glad I didn't, but if it wasn't for those slow parts this could have possibly been a five star read. I will say that part of it may be the fact that I've been extremely in the mood for mysteries and thrillers at the moment. Which this certainly is not. Regardless, it was slow in the middle. Perhaps it wouldn't have been as bad if I wasn't in this crazy thriller mood. Also, this book really made me want to travel even more. I'm just dying to travel! I want to go so many places.
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Overall I liked The Little Paris Bookshop. I can't say that it has become a new favorite book, but I enjoyed it and I would read it again. Oh, and the ending was magnificent! I am very pleased with how it ended. I started this book to read by the pool, but I ended up deciding to hurry up and finish it instead of waiting to read by the pool. I couldn't wait to see what happened with Perdu at the end!
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I recommend The Little Paris Bookshop to fans of books about books and for people who enjoy beautiful stories about healing.